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End–to–End Revenue Management for Cities and Municipalities

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OneCity Solution

OneCity is a comprehensive revenue management and collection solution that was specifically designed to address issues currently impacting cities:

  • Increased expenditures with declining revenue
  • Heavy reliance on aging technology and manual processes
  • Revenue Leakage
  • Uncontrollable IT maintenance costs with little to no benefit
  • OneCity Solution
  • Inability to roll out legislative and policy changes quickly and effectively

In order to resolve these issues Phoenix Technologies created the OneCity solution. OneCity is not just a product, but a complete solution that includes three primary components.

OneCity Solution

OneCity Product
OneCity is built with a focus on maximizing operational efficiency with functional processes forged from decades of experience working in public sector revenue. Our core technology has proven effective with revenue agencies at the State/Provincial and National levels.

OneCity Methodology
Addresses the challenges of implementing revenue solutions within the Public Sector. We focus on maximizing transparency and engaging customers in reviews and approvals of working software early on and throughout the implementation.

OneCity Support
Phoenix Technologies created a simplified approach to maintaining OneCity to reduce the effort and complexity normally associated with maintaining a COTS revenue solution. Our approach eliminates surprise one–time costs, providing a predictable IT costing model.


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