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Migration Utility

Phoenix Technologies has simplified the migration of configuration data between environments for Oracle's CC&B and PSRM products.

The current process requires a handful of tools (i.e. bundling, blueprint utilities, migration request process) to be implemented to create an unsupported site-specific migration process to move configuration data from one environment to the next. Planning, implementing and supporting a migration process using these tools for each implementation is challenging, time consuming and expensive.

Phoenix Technologies' solution integrates directly into the Oracle Utilities Application Framework (OUAF) to provide CC&B and PSRM implementations a single process to migrate all configuration metadata. Our solution eliminates the need for multiple tools to be used and maintained to manage bundling by developers, packaging, approvals and migrations.


  • Allows packaging of all configuration data into logical units of work, including business objects, adjustment types, batch controls, scripts, characteristic types, and lookups
  • Includes an approval process and migration lifecycle for every package
  • Sends email notifications as packages move through the lifecycle
  • Provides a history of data packages that have been created and applied to target environments


  • Substantial reduction in effort to maintain configuration data across multiple environments
  • Reduction in ramp up time for new development resources to learn their role in the migration process
  • Reduction in migration errors thanks to a simplified process


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