Managed IT Services

Phoenix Technologies offers several services to organizations in order to meet their business objectives by improving & maintaining the structure and efficiency of their IT systems. Services for projects include:

  • Support in the planning and design of overall system layout
  • Creation and maintenance of a wide range of products for the project
  • Complete solution patch and upgrade and maintenance
  • Configuration management solutions tailored to numerous environment plans
  • Planning and execution of performance analysis, testing, and enhancement

IT Strategy & Transformation

Transformation: Five different CIOs will likely have five interpretations of what it means to them. Does it simply mean taking advantage of the latest advancements in industry-specific products? Is the goal to break out, or unify, operations across multiple business lines? Could it mean finding new ways to do business and using technology to support that effort? The correct answer can only come from within the business being transformed.

Many IT consultants set expectations on "customer focus", "business value", and "long-term strategy", and very often will meet or exceed those expectations. Unfortunately, the focus is not on setting and meeting those expectations for your business, but instead focuses on their own.

At Phoenix Technologies, business' goals are taken seriously. Phoenix Technologies' consultants place an emphasis on communicating and understanding the clinet's goals, how they affect the business and the role technology will play, if any, to support them. At Phoenix Technologies, we know that this client's criteria for success, not anyone else's, must drive the transformation effort. Only then can a successful transformation take place and provide value as intended.

Infrastructure Outsourcing

Many organizations find it costly to hire and train IT professionals to maintain infrastructure on-site. Companies have begun looking for flexible infrastructure models to help lower costs, increase performance, improve technical operations and coordination. All of this must be easily provided without interrupting day-to-day operations.

Phoenix Technologies Infrastructure Outsourcing Services works with every client to build a scalable solution tailored to their needs. Low cost and secure infrastructure solutions are provided to align performance and growth with customers' needs.


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