Industry Solutions

Phoenix Technologies has an expertise in combining industry and technology know-how to support public sector organizations find more efficient and less costly ways to budget for, plan, finance, and administer public services. Refreshing perspective. Cutting-edge solutions. Accountable people. Solutions that add measurable value from day one. Phoenix Technologies understands the delicate nature of planning, being responsible for and managing revenue in the public sector. Phoenix Technologies's consultants are experienced and trusted solution creators who have assisted public sector agencies define aggressive yet realistic budgets, and develop cost effective solutions to aid in collecting & allocating revenue for taxpayers and social services recipients.

How Phoenix Technologies can help:

Phoenix Technologies Public Sector Practice supports Local, Municipal, State/Provincial, and Federal Governments Agencies. Phoenix Technologies consultants deliver premier services and solutions, which support:

  • Unemployment Insurance
  • Tax (Government Revenue and Policy Management (GRM))
  • Student Loan Administration
  • Social Services Administration

Business Solutions

Phoenix Technologies advocates using a value-driven approach to create effective solutions to support business needs. Phoenix Technologies appreciates the importance of information to support, evaluate, and optimize your business' performance. Phoenix Technologies consultants work together with you to organize, access, integrate and analyze that information and create the best solution to enable you to accelerate on that path to success.

Key focus areas include:

  • Content Management
  • Data Warehouse & Analytics
  • Systems Integration


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