Business Strategy

Phoenix Technologies believes that business decisions should be aligned with definitive goals for the client's organization. Our Resources have worked with organizations across multiple industry verticals to define company, IT and department strategies. That strategy allows our customers to create an actionable plan that, when implemented, will create one vision, one voice and measurable results within their organization.

Business Process Design

Phoenix Technologies' approach to business process design enables disparate systems and the processes built around them to be re-engineered to leverage the latest technology and business process. Expertise gained from spending decades in the Consulting and IT industry allows us to seamlessly integrate high-impact changes to business processes and productivity with minimal interruption to day-to-day operations.

Project Methodology and Management

At Phoenix Technologies, we believe that constraints unique to each project require the need for a tailored approach to implement each solution. In other words, "One size does not fit all". Our approach is to first understand the constraints associated with the business, environment, solution, and resources so that a methodology for the project can be defined that is uniquely capable of leading the project down a successful path.

We have a firm belief that projects are not managed solely by charts, reports, and graphs. Project Management should roll up their sleeves and get into the trenches with the team. We have a "Hands-On" approach to Project Management that will successfully guide very complex engagements to completion.


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